Bandit's First Mishap

Bandit's First Mishap

Got my new male Australian Shepard puppy last July (7-2021) and fell in love with him immediately.  I had decided to name him Nash but when I saw him in person I knew that just didn’t fit...Bandit fit.  Struggled and struggled with a complete registered name and came up with Neon Bandit but my husband didn’t like it.   

Bandit will sit in the yard waiting for birds to fly over and then chance the shadows.  He never gets boarded doing this as it goes on for hours every day.  So, we finally decided on Shadow Bandit!  I think it really fits him well. 

Bandit’s first mishap came about on a pretty afternoon about 4:30. My husband and I were sitting in the golf cart talking.  Steve had been down at our lake fishing and the pole was in the back of the golf cart standing up.  Next thing we knew Bandit yelped a bit and took off running.  He had somehow tapped the trigger to release the line on the pole and started playing with the crappie lure...well it was hooked in his top gum right in front.  Like to never got hold of him and it was quickly apparent that we were not going to take it out without the help of a professional.  By this time, it was after 5 so the only option was after hours emergency.  The really funny thing was that it didn’t seem to be bothering Bandit much once we cut the line.  The little chartreuse lure with the tiny silver spinner looked like a genuinely cool jewelry option for dogs hanging out him mouth jiggling in the breeze!  It didn’t take long to get it removed and to say that Bandit isn’t a fishing dog is a total understatement.  He loves the water and swimming but when you pick up a fishing pole...he’s out on that! 

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