Snow Days

Snow Days

Snow days were never that big of a deal for my son, but they're the best thing ever for Bandit!  He acts like a little kid who is just old enough to want to go play in the snow and build snowmen and igloos and snowball fight with his friends. You'd think that after a couple hours out in the snow piles and drifts that would be enough but oh no...all day hard at it...makes me tired just watching!  One day he found a ball and I wasn't going out there in that mess, so he learned to just throw it himself, go jump in the snow to find it only to repeat the process over and over!

I'm not a big snow fan...never have been but it was sure fun to watch Bandit and Gypsy while I sat by the fire with a nice hot cup of coffee!  But I did venture out a few times and if you have one of those tennis ball thrower thingys they make amazing snowballs.  That would have been good to have had about 50 years ago! Bandit chased the snowballs I threw but never came back with one! Dang camouflaged snowballs!

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