Yadi is my "Grand-dog" and he is probably the largest Golden Retriever ever.  He is the biggest pushover ever.  And he loves and protects my little Freckle Face granddaughter like the good boy he is. I can't wait to see curlers in his hair and barrettes too as well as make-up...he'll be fine with it all.  He loves to get in the back of my SUV and just lay there, maybe watch some customers come and go, but mostly just to rest and be prepared in case we need to go somewhere.

So the kids came over for supper one night and on her way inside my daughter in law opened the back of my car so Yadi could get in...we've done this hundreds of times.  Gypsy my black tri decided to get in the car too.  We had dinner, played with the Freckle Faced Farmgirl and then they went home.  I closed up the back of my car and put the garage door down.  Next morning my husband came inside and wanted to use my car to run to town.  He walked out the door only to walk right back in to ask me what happened to my car.  I said I didn't know I haven't used it in a couple days. So I went to the garage to investigate since my husband went to get his truck instead.  I opened the drivers door and there was a huge shredded mess.  My heart sank to my stomach when I looked at my drivers seat...then I realized that it was only the seat cover I had recently put on because of muddy feet getting in my car since Bandit likes to travel with me.  Thank goodness it was only a vinyl cover which can easily be replaced and not the entire leather seat.  But let me tell you I don't know how something that can come packaged in such a small box can be shredded into such a HUGE pile of trash that fills up a kitchen size trash bag.  Needless to say Gypsy is closely watched now during car time and to Yadi's disappointment car time doesn't come as often. I'm thinking I should have named Gypsy something more along the line of Shredder or Chopper which are really way to masculine for her. She'll grow outta it!

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