Make your taste buds happy!

Make your taste buds happy!

I wanted to try bacon jam and decided to make some.  Well let me tell you, I had at least $15 in bacon and with the other product I needed I ended up with 3 and a half pints of bacon jam that was good but not great (it needed some tweeking) and I was unable to find a recipe that would seal.  All said it would keep in the fridge for up to 3 months but that wasn't at all what I wanted. 

Then I found Kevin from Indiana.  We had tried a few brands before Kevin but after my making of the jam. Bacon jam is a ooey, gooey bacon and onion jam or relish that has more uses than has been discovered yet!  As a relish on Bratwurst, a condiment on burgers or pulled pork, as a crust on chicken or fish, a glaze on sauteed vegetables, or a topping for cream cheese and crackers,  a kick it up a notch for deviled eggs or oysters on the half shell...the list is endless. This stuff is absolutely amazing, and apparently our customers think so too!  And my pick is baked onto some more bacon strips for garnish in a Bloody Mary.  I made a meatloaf for my husband the other night and my pan was full so I made up some meatballs with the extra and glazed them in the Bacon Marmalade and they were amazing.  We have the jam in the regular and also in spicy.  The marmalade is maybe a touch sweeter and just a little bit thinner than the jam. 

A jar goes a long way and is totally worth trying.  And restaurateur's we can get it in gallons for you!

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