What the heck is a better broom?

What the heck is a better broom?

We are just in love with this broom...their advertising is correct...it really is a better broom.  It is very attractive and light weight and works just like a regular broom when you sweep with it.  But, it works like a rake in the grass, sand, gravel, debris, snow, and I'm thinking it'll be your go to for mulch!  They are handmade and the stiff, yet flexible fibers should last forever. 

I couldn't wait to get these in to try it out and it is just amazing.  It works great in cracks and crevices too. I made one a tester in our shop so that you can try it before you buy it!  I figure this way I won't have to sweep...I'll just let all you customers keep my floor clean. 

What a great housewarming gift, bridal shower, or wedding gift this would make and you won't have to worry about duplications.  Happy Sweeping!  Mini version available too.

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