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Freckle Face Farmgirl

Plush Animal - Purple Pazzion Sloth

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Passionate about purple? Melt any little child's heart with this fluffy and charming, super soft, Purple Pazzion Sloth stuffed animal, sure to provide tons of fun through imaginative play. Sloths may be slow by nature but these sloth plush toys, pretty in purple, are quick to win your heart with their sweet faces and super soft fur.

These precious purple pals make the perfect Christmas, Birthday or anytime gifts for girls and boys who love soft and cuddly plush toys.

Made of high-quality fabric and durable stitching, these plush sloths are adorable stuffed animals for kids from toddlers to teens.

So come on, grab your new purple pazzion best friend and mosey on along to all the fun and adventures that await.